I've used cameras most of my life, and photography played a large role throughout my career. As a scientific microscopist (light and electron), quality images were a requirement for peer-reviewed publications and professional advancement.  That requirement became instinctive and still impacts my photography hobby in retirement; I like good images, whether of people, nature or abstract settings. That instinct took me from Intermediate Level through Advanced to the Master Level in the Loveland Photographic Society in thirteen months.

I would now categorize myself as a photo-artist.  I feel that one must be open to methods of expression and not limited to a subject or style.  If a subject has artistic value or, better yet, has a story, I might shoot it.  If grayscale processing yields the image results that I feel best express my sentiments and vision, that's what I use.  Likewise for tone, color or any other post-camera processing.  Therefore, you will see a variety of images on this site, and perhaps some will please or intrigue you.  If so, I have succeeded as an artist.


Thanks for looking at my images.  Feel free to comment or to contact me.

Jack Brinn....