Moonrise and Sunset

October 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Occasionally, a photograph is the result of an "a ha" moment.  

I took a slightly different route home this evening, driving along dirt roads hoping to see white tail deer or hawks, and indeed there were some of the latter, either perched singly on a far-off hay bale or hunting aloft as a circling pair.  And there was the evening sun's rays being scattered by tall waving grasses.  But there just wasn't a scene saying "shoot me."  However, when I turned on the second road, there it was.  The moon was rising in the east behind clouds turning increasingly reddish-orange by the sun setting on the opposite horizon.  Wow!  There was just enough time to catch the scene as it unfolded behind Mr. Hansen's cottonwood tree.  The image is a bit dark, but that's what I saw at that time of day.  And I thought, "a ha!"


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