The Cowboy and His Dog

December 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Solstice Season has us busy, so this blog needs some attention.  I recently received a request about one of my images, a framed B&W version of the one below that is hanging in the bar of the Potbelly Bar and Restaurant.  I thought it might be worthwhile to show a version of it to all of you.

As shown in earlier blogs, cattle drives are a semi-annual event along the Red Feather Lakes Road.  The drivers (cowboys) change from season to season, but they always present an interesting throwback to the mythical American West.  

In this instance, the cowboy is in full western garb from boots and spurs to his hat, and he was assisted by a couple of other drivers.  However, the real worker on this drive was the little black and white dog!  Just look as his air of confidence as he surveys his domain.  This busy canine knew when the cows were lallygagging and he would nip their hind legs to move them along.  Some cows got wise to his method and would face him down - momentarily - before deciding to turn tail.  The cowboys' job was to keep the herd off of other folks' property, so dog and cowboy made a great team.

I only saw this canine/cowboy combination once.  I was told that the cowboy moved on, taking his pup with him.  I miss them!

The Cowboy and His DogThe Cowboy and His Dog

For you technically inclined viewers, this image was captured with a twelve megapixel D300 in a landscape format.  Cropping it to a portrait format left a 4-plus inch by a seven-plus inch image that I then resized to 16x24 inches with Perfect Resize, which is a dramatic resizing.  I controlled the resulting noise in Noiseware and adjusted the colors and sharpness in Nik's Viveza.


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