You Can See Into Next Week

December 02, 2014  •  1 Comment

The great Yankee center fielder, Micky Mantle, once commented about another baseball player's ability to hit home runs by saying that he could hit a ball as far as a man could point.  That's kinda the way it is in the Rocky Mountain West.  You can see a REALLY long way.  

This image was captured in 2008 while standing on a hill in east Laramie, Wyoming.  In the foreground among the trees is Laramie, and on beyond is a wide plain leading to the mountains, the Snowy Range.  From the point of image capture to the base of the mountains, here differentiated by the color change from brownish to bluish, is close to forty miles.  Crossing the city and driving to the base of the mountains would take the better part of an hour, and by adding the distance to the crest of the Snowies, one could easily say that he/she could see for an hour.

Probably pretty close to Micky's point distance!


Sunset, Laramie, WYSunset, Laramie, WYCopyright 2008 Jack Brinn


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Great pictures Jack! I just discovered your post!
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