Images and the Arts

October 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In his book, The Essence of Photography, Bruce Barnbaum, himself a master of his subject, presents a powerful case for relationships among the arts, that one can be found or sensed in others.  Those relationships are not limited to broad, related genres such as jazz and classical within the context of music; instead one can relate the visual and written arts, for example.  Barnbaum, by the way, has drawn me increasingly toward black and white conversions of color images where tonalities rather than color attract the viewer and, I think, challenge interpretation.  With that in mind and returning to connectedness among the arts, this image and similar ones by other photographers remind me of Camille Saint Saens' Third (Organ) Symphony with its delicate interplay of instruments, akin to the supporting stonework, some huge, some delicate, in a cathedral, all leading to the explosive opening of the fourth movement by the organ.  It's breathtaking - like the beauty of this chapel.  Bach and other composers of great organ works may do the same for some, but I happen to be more familiar with Saint Saens' work, hence, this example.

The OrganistThe Organist



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