Once More

October 31, 2015  •  1 Comment

Returning to the "arts and images" idea with Haiku, the seventeen-syllable Japanese poetry form:

Steps have etched the steps

They are covered by dry leaves

It is now autumn

I shot these steps the first time in April. It was the wear pattern that drew my attention. Unlike newer ones on the campus, these steps lacked wear-resistant metal strips along their top edges and, therefore, showed the effects of hundreds of thousands of between-class treks by students and faculty as well as by visitors. They also show HOW we ascend and descend steps.  Not a big discovery, just an interesting tidbit.  

Moving ahead, this was an October shot. Leaves from nearby trees had fallen and become victims of the relentless foot traffic. Unswept, the once-green litter, now crushed and blown about, seemed to add emphasis to the sense of time and age in the hard concrete.  I prefer the October image.  Maybe I relate to it better.


Time Worn, Duke UniversityTime Worn, Duke University


Jean Carr(non-registered)
Ahh, familiar steps...my feet know just how it feels to walk up and down them... The soft indentations of worn stones. Rich awareness of following those who were here before.
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