The Three Sisters

March 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The Three Sisters is a tripartite rock formation at the southeast end of Lake Hiawatha in Red Feather Lakes.  One can see it clearly from the opposite shore; however, a larger, taller rock formation sits behind it and doesn't allow sufficient contrast for a good photographic image.  And the paintings I've seen are not very good.

Not that I have succeeded to a high degree, but I was fortunate to shoot the scene on a rainy day when fog nearly completely hid the larger background rocks.  With a bit of help from the negative Clarity slider in Adobe Camera Raw and a Photoshop plug-in, I was able to isolate the formation image-wise.   So, it's an odd pile of granite with little color, and no, it's not a jump-out-and-grab-you image.  But it's about as good as the Three Sisters gets.

The Three SistersThe Three Sisters


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