First Sign of Spring

April 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The arrival of spring in the high country is a protracted act of labor by Mother Nature, usually (and hopefully) interrupted by a big snow storm or two to help prevent the Californians from dehydrating.  One of the first signs of the season is the Pasque flower, a name that has something to do with Easter.  The real name is Pulsatilla, but Pasque being easier to remember, I'll stay with the Easter thing. They seem to awaken by a clock rather than a thermometer, which is a good thing because ours are currently covered by snow.  But like the early-arriving hummingbirds, they are a hardy lot and a beautiful harbinger of the later wild flower bloom that graces the high country.

Pasque Flowers, Red Feather Lakes, COPasque Flowers, Red Feather Lakes, CO



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