Old and Forgotten in NC

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Whitehurst's Country Store sits beside NC30 between Bethel and Washington (Little Washington for the uninitiated).  It was probably built in two phases, and it survived long enough to have a window air conditioner installed.  The front roof allowed patrons time to shake off rainwater before entering, and it probably covered one or two benches for discussing and resolving world affairs.  I have no idea what function the loudspeaker might have served.

The gasoline pump is far from those of our digital age.  The consumer or store worker operated a handle that pumped gasoline from an underground tank up to the glass container.  I lightened that container a bit hoping that you can see the metal graduations that denoted the number of gallons contained therein.  A hose then allowed fuel to drain from the glass vessel into the vehicle's tank.  No tenths of a gallon in those days.

As you may have noted in other postings, these stores usually hosted soft drink or cigar signs.  Now the farmers and deer hunters drive to the super market as do their urban cousins, and the old stores fall victim to bigger conveniences.

Whitehorse's Store, Bethel, NCWhitehorse's Store, Bethel, NC


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