Eli's Western Adventure V

July 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I shot this panorama back in May, before the snow melted from the Mummy Range.  It's a four-shot sequence, stitched together in Lightroom CC, formatted as a 48"x24" image and printed on three aluminum sheets as a triptych which now hang in the Red Feather Lakes Community Library.

Peaks of RMNP, Red Feather Lakes, COPeaks of RMNP, Red Feather Lakes, CO

Eli was curious about the location of the shots, so we pointed out the two rocky peaks across the road from our house, one being higher than the other, where I did the work.  The above image was taken from the lower peak, but Eli wanted to climb the taller one.

So, Eli, Peggy, Maggie Schnauzer and I parked our vehicle in a neighbor's yard and began the hike.

First rest stop.  Ascending to the peak was not actually a rocky climb; we instead went gradually through rocks and timber on the back side of the peak.

Eli being 6o years younger than the younger of us made it to the top first.  This may be a heart attack scene for his mother, but he was OK. That's not to say that there was a gradual slope beyond him - far from it.  That's why we climbed the BACK side of the peak.  

From here we could see into Rocky Mountain National Park as well as north into Wyoming.  The Boy Scout Road is snaking its way across the scene, and just below the Boy Scout Road on the left side you can see the paved Red Feather Lakes Road which runs behind and below the peak where Eli is standing, making a brief appearance to his left.  There was a storm over the Mummy Range in Rocky Mountain National Park.  As another reference to our location and elevation, the white arrow contaminating the picture is pointing to our house.

Finally, Eli is joined by Peggy, a proud accomplishment for her.  And Eli commented a few times on the "amazing scenes" around us which they were indeed.

Concern over the storm led to the decision to descend a bit sooner than we had planned, but  we satisfied Eli's hankering for a high, scenic rock climb and had a vigorous hike in the process.  A great day!


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