Eli's Western Adventure VI

August 18, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This was actually more my adventure than Eli's, but he came through for me and deserves some credit.  

He's a handsome young man, a fact that we wanted to record; however, like most folks, he prefers being the shooter rather than the "shootee".  So trick number one was to get him in my line of sight, camera-wise that is.  Resistance was moderate. Trick number two - get the hair out of his eyes. A few finger sweeps and some later Photoshop help resolved that issue. Trick number three was to extract an expression, any expression. That was a bit more demanding. Eli and his father play a car game they call cheese whack wherein the first to spot a yellow vehicle says "cheese whack" and swats the other's arm. Recalling that interaction, I said "cheese whack".  He was mine thereafter   

Here are two of the Cheese Whack Portraits:





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