A Lovely, Foggy Morning

May 15, 2016  •  1 Comment

The arrival of Spring has been fraught with setbacks here in northern Colorado.  Heavy wet snows necessitating the use of a big snow blower or contracting someone to plow the driveway.  Cold rains, occasionally peppered with thunder claps.  And fog!  Two days of it now! 

But the bluebirds are lining their box and the hummingbirds are arriving.  Yellow-Rumped warblers streamed through yesterday.  The local moose is sprouting his antlers for the fall season and looking quite disheveled while losing his winter coat.  A few elk have ambled across the meadow and the mule deer are ever-present.

Back to the fog though, I love to see it early in the morning as was the case today.  I put the camera gear in the car along with our little schnauzer Miss Maggie, my constant companion, and drove slowly up toward the lakes.  I had to wait for the sun to drive some of the fog off the water's surface in order to shoot, and such a wait is not without anticipation because the resulting fog patterns are totally unpredictable.  But the results are always surprising as well as serene, so much so that I'll return to the same places to shoot in the next fog!


Kristi Bertolette(non-registered)
Making the most out of the fog. Beautiful and breathtaking pictures.
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